I Nearly Killed My Dad

We had just finished going up 425B, we had one more run up road 420, then we were done. After that we would’ve completed around 25 miles, 3,000 feet of climbing and could go home. We were heading down Highway 41, and I was waiting for my dad to tell me to stop and cross to 420. We were flying down the road, we must’ve been going thirty or thirty five miles per hour. The wind was roaring, so when my dad yelled something I only caught a few sounds. When my brain put what I heard together it sounded like “stop.” I glanced over my shoulder just in case, and sure enough, it appeared he was slowing. I hit my breaks and slowed almost to a stop. Next thing I knew my dad yelled and something hit my back tire. My bike wobbled and once I registered what had happened. I came to a full stop. I turned around and saw my dad lying on the ground tangled up in his bike. I dropped my bike I sprinted up to him. My heart was pounding in my chest and I could feel the tears prickling my eyes, this was my fault. When I reached  him, his eyes were closed. I immediately thought he was knocked out, then he opened his eyes, and I was so relieved. A truck had stopped and a man got out and walked over to us. I tried to hold it together long enough to explain to him what had happened, and then he checked my dad for a concussion. He made sure we did’t need a ride or any other help before he left. I was extremely thankful that he stopped to check on us. We rode the rest of the way home, then decided to drive to the ER to get my dad looked at. He ended up needing ten stitches in his lip and had road rash all up his back.

Today my dad tried to go for a ride, but his bike was much more damaged then he originally thought. The handle bars were bent, the seat post and seat were broken, the rim bent, and the back tire flat. So instead of riding today he spent all day fixing his bike and the rest of the bikes we own. He was saddest about his seat. Apparently they don’t make that kind of seat anymore and he almost cried. When my mom came home he was sitting on the couch cradling it. Anyway, on future rides we’re going to make sure to communicate better so we can avoid anyone ending up in the Emergency Room.

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