Banff Bound

20180616_202819Today will be our fourth day in the car and we will arrive in Banff at some point today. We’ve made quite a few memories along the way. Our first night we stayed in Redding, CA. We went to dinner at a restaurant across parking lot of our hotel and my parents ordered beers. When my dad took the first sip of his he made a really funny face then passed it to my mom and said, “taste this”. My mom gave him a nervous look then took her own sip and exclaimed, “Ew! This is Rotten! They served us rotten beer!” This was the first of many memories made on this long trek towards Banff. These memories include, but are not limited to, my forty year old dad jumping off of swings like he’s still a kid and almost hitting at least two elk upon our arrival to Canada. I am excited to see what memories and experiences Banff and the rest of this adventure will bring.


1 thought on “Banff Bound

  1. So excited for you both Monique! I’m already enjoying your stories! And considering your dad may not get a beer for a while, he DESERVED something better than rotten beer!!!!


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