First Two Days Down

We’ve biked two absolutely beautiful days through Canada. So far we’ve had some amazing scenery. The peaks are super abrupt and many of them are snow-capped and made of slate. We’ve had encounters with four deer. They’re different then the deer back home, they have long white fluffy tails that they stick straight up when they run. My dad also saw an elk and a black bear, but I missed those two.

Yesterday, we came head to head with a hill called the virtual wall and a washout that had entirely carried away the trail. The virtual wall was super steep. I tried to climb it by getting into my easiest gear and just spinning my pedals until the top. That didn’t work. About halfway up (less than five miles in) I pulled too hard on my handlebars and my front tire came off the ground and fell over. It hurt. I had to lay there for a bit because I got the wind knocked out of me. The washout was kind of unexpected. We saw signs warning about a washout ahead. We figured it was just too washed out for a car to pass by. However when we got there there was no trail left. We had to ride back a few feet then hike down to the riverbed below the washout. We pushed our bikes up the washout and back to the trail on the other side. These two experiences, though not ideal, have only added to our adventure. Today we are headed deep into grizzly territory. Only another 80 miles to our next camp which is expected to be pretty primitive and devoid of cell service or WiFi. I am excited to see what the next few days will bring.


1 thought on “First Two Days Down

  1. Hi Monique! This is June from AFA it looks like the two of you are off to a great start. When you are able please call me at 866-232-8384 ext 119 or email me. When you get to Montana there is a radio station that may be able to give you some coverage. Thank you again for the incredible work you are doing on behalf of AFA. Have a safe trip!


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