The Adventure Continues…

My last post was written in a hotel room in Whitefish, Montana. Since then it has been eight days and about 540 miles. Now we’re close to 1000 miles, we’ll pass that mark tomorrow. We’ve been through quite a ew places including Ovando, Helena, The Llama Lodge, Butte, and today, Lima. This project has been amazing so far. I have moments where I wonder why I opted to do something so difficult, but I remember why I am doing and whose memory I am honoring and it keeps me going.

Yesterday coming into Lima I heard a bird chirping and the sound of it was so familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. I looked up and there was a little yellow breasted bird sitting on the telephone line. That was when it hit me. My great-papa, an avid bird watcher, had given me a replica of that bird that chirped when you moved in front of it. It drove my parents crazy, but I loved it. That reminder of my great-papa gave me enough to finish the last few miles of our day and get to Lima.


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