Many Places, Many People

Along this journey we have met so many amazing people. From meeting Henning to the Snack Shed we stopped at today I have met so many incredible people. It’s been refreshing to meet and talk to people with different viewpoints and life experiences that are outside of our typical lives. For starters, Henning flew all the way out from Denmark to ride the mountains and experience Denver, Colorado for himself. He was so well researched and continues to give us helpful tips and information, even though he is now back home.

Barbara Nye was an inspiring lady who opened cabins for cyclists. She made sure every cyclist was well fed and taken care of and asked for absolutely nothing in return. She wouldn’t have let us pay her if we tried.

The owner of the Wheel Inn had a full bike maintenance station set up along with cookies and banana bread. She sat and talked with us for over an hour about our ride, how we were holding up, whether or not we were enjoying it, and she told us all about her son’s experience as a racer.

At the Little Snake River in Savery, the ladies who curate and run the museum had a room full of food or bikers and filtered water for us to fill up with. We were almost out of water when we reached them so it was such a relief to get there and be greeted with such kindness.

Kirsten at the Brush Mountain Lodge fed us breakfast and dinner, gave us a wonderful cabin to sleep in, and most importantly was truly interested us and our story. She gave awesome hugs and was totally rad.

There’s many more, that I hope to talk about later.

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